About RISK21

What is RISK21? 
A HESI-managed initiative aimed at developing a scientific, transparent, and efficient approach to the evolving world of human health risk assessment. RISK21 brings together international stakeholders from government, academia, industry, and some NGOs to work together collaboratively.

Why RISK21?
RISK21 was created to address a needed transition in toxicology, exposure, and risk assessment methodology and communication. RISK21 recognizes the need to put the recommendations from various reports and initiatives, such as the National Academies of Sciences, into a cohesive framework that is usable for risk assessment.

What are the fundamentals of a RISK21 approach?
A transparent framework for knowledge synthesis to enable effective decision-making:
• Problem formulation-based: An iterative process that establishes purpose, scope, and a plan for collecting and evaluating information
• Utilizes existing information: Applies information on inherent chemical properties as well as existing exposure and toxicity information before generating additional data
• Exposure-led: Considers relevant exposure estimates up-front to prioritize and determine data needs
• Tiered: Optimizes use of resources
• Flexible: Allows one to make an informed decision on human health safety as soon as sufficient