RISK21 Advisors

The RISK21 v2.0 public-private Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and ad-hoc advisors is comprised of leading experts in risk assessment and related disciplines. This Advisory team is tasked with developing a 2-3-strategic plan to support the overall program goals. 


Science Advisory Board

  • Michelle Embry (HESI)
  • Jon Arnot (ARC)
  • Ammie Bachman (ExxonMobil)
  • Rick Becker (ACC)
  • Juliana Braz (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency - ANVISA)
  • Judy La Kind (LaKind Associates)
  • Camila Oueiroz Moreira (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency - ANVISA)
  • Angelo Moretto  (U of Milan)
  • Justin Teeguarden (PNNL)
  • Claire Terry (Corteva)
  • Maria Trainer (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority)
  • Marcelo Wolansky (U of Buenos Aires)
  • Doug Wolf (Syngenta)

Ad-hoc Advisors

  • Tara Barton-McClaren (Health Canada)
  • Patience Browne (OECD)
  • Gino Scarano (USEPA)
  • Maurice Whelan (JRC)
  • Zuzana Kloslova (ECHA)
  • Angelika Zidek (Health Canada)